Plumen 001 Light Bulb now Available in an LED Version

Lighting brand Plumen won an award for their innovative design 001 bulb in 2011 – “Design of the Year” from London’s Design Museum.

They have now designed an LED version of this bulb meaning ultra energy efficiency and an average life of 20,000 hours (equivalent to almost 20 years).

Despite updating the technology to LED the bulb has kept it’s signature double-looped form, designed with British designer Samuel Wilkinson.

“Our goal is for sustainable design to be a natural choice and our light bulbs aim to inspire that change,” said Plumen co-founder Nicolas Roope.

According to Roope, LED technology is superior in nearly every way to compact fluorescent. It allows dimmability but also grants even greater efficiency, better quality of light and a much longer lifetime.

Using LED technology also enables Plumen to make the bulb 100 per cent recyclable – which Roope sees as another small step in the right direction.

The LED Plumen 001 is now available from